The Innovator Club is a safe collaboration place where ideas can be shared and explored.

My name is Jim Roysdon and I created the Innovator’s Club to provide a place for Innovators to come together, converse, brain storm, and bring about new innovations in business processes, manufacturing, technology, governance and more.

I’ve been an innovator and problem solver for over 30 years, often told “I did not think that could be done, WOW!” and “great out of the box thinking”.

You can listen to our podcast here or you can find it on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Google (soon) and wherever great podcasts are found.

Want to give us old fashioned feed back (a call)? We can be reached at

Toll free: 866-821-4443 (in the continental US, call toll free)

Local: 813-521-7396 (Outside the US)